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Automatic Driving Lessons Monmouth

Where learning to drive becomes easy

Driving lessons Monmouth

If you are serious about passing your driving test then I can help you get your driving licence in mu automatic car.

Since the advent of hybrid cars many more vehicles are today produced as automatic and with green energy becoming easier to obtain automatic cars will become the car to drive.

Let me help you get your driving licence. 


Automatic driving lessons in Monmouth and Ross on Wye.

Learning to drive is an amazing experience, in fact there is nothing quite like it because you will pass your driving test and you will end on being cloud 9.
The day your driving examiner says congratulations you life is going to change forever.

My school offers you Automatic Driving Lessons, my car does not have gears and this helps you get driving very quickly and its easier to pass your test.
Your friends can drive already and while its nice for them to pick you up and go out, you are there thinking and wishing it was you doing the driving. Once you have your full driving licence you will be visiting friends, family, going to new places and of course ROAD TRIPS!

I want to help you pass your driving test first time and I want you to enjoy your driving lessons with me. You see, if I can help you focus, keep you smiling and get your driving licence at the first attempt I’m sure you will be singing my praises.

All  automatic driving lessons are tailored for your needs but I have a special range of lessons you can also choose from.
Beginner Lessons for the complete novice.
Part Trained Lessons if you have done some driving.
Confidence Building Lessons are really good if you have some nerves about driving.
Driving Test Rescue is a special course designed to help you pass your test if you have been failing with other driving schools.

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Automatic Driving Lessons Monmouth

A great way to find a driving school in Monmouth is to book 2 different driving instructors in Monmouth. I know I am good I can help you pass your driving test first time, but I’m also confident to say “why not compare me with another school” Automatic driving lessons Monmouth are here to help you pass your driving test hassle free.

Automatic Driving Lessons Ross on Wye

There are lots of driving instructors in Ross on Wye, but which driving school in Ross on Wye do you choose? A good thing to do is listen. When you make a phone call to a school listen to what they have to say. If the instructor asks you about your experience, if you have passed your theory and if you have a date in mind for getting your full driving licence, then its fait to say they are thinking about what you want and not just trying to sell driving lessons.

Automatic Driving Schools Abergavenny

On your very first driving lesson in Abergavenny once its over have a think about the lesson and the instructor. Did you enjoy the lesson? Did you enjoy the instructor? Did you learn anything? Can you imagine doing all of your lessons with this driving instructor in Abergavenny. There is nothing stopping you from having a re-think. Go with your gut feeling.

Automatic Driving Instructors Wye Valley

Booking driving lessons in Wye Valley couldn’t be easier, but there is only one type of driving instructor in Wye Valley you really want to book with and that is one who motivates you to pass your driving test. If the driving school helps you learn and pass your theory test quickly and encourages you to take at least 2 hours a week, you will probably do well. Be careful of the instructors who are happy to just take your cash.

Automatic Driving Lessons Forest of Dean

Pupil Progress Report Cards are something that all driving instructors in the Forest of Dean should carry with them. They are designed to help you understand how well you are learning, you can see how good your skills are and where you need to improve. Make sure your Forest of Dean Driving School issues you with a personal copy.

Booking Your Test

You can book your driving test by clicking here

automatic driving lessons monmouth
automatic driving lessons monmouth
automatic driving lessons monmouth
automatic driving lessons monmouth
I had been learning in a manual car, although the driving instructor was a very nice person I just could not manage the gears and clutch so I stopped learning. 6 years later I decided to try again and I found Jack, his automatic car was brilliant and since I have got my licence I driver everywhere. Thanks a lot Jack.

Sheila Jones
I needed to pass my driving test quickly due to changes in the family and at 50 years old Im please to say I was able to pass first time with Jack

Audrey Davies
Jack helped me massively, I could not have passed my test without him. I highly recommend Jack to anyone.

Paul Wright
Ross on Wye


Never driven before? That's great to hear, let me give you all the good driving habits you need to get your driving licence. You will love it.


Do you need to pass very quickly? Then take an intensive driving course with me, I will help you get your licence to drive.

Part Trained

You do not need to start with Beginner lesson if you can already drive, my part trained course xill help you get your licence.


Driving an automatic car is so easy, just look at the road, check your mirrors and drive. Concentrate on whats around you and not the gears and clutch.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have failed your driving test, then doing it in an automatic makes your life so much easier.
It will make you smile!

Confidence Building

Let me help you rebuild your driving confidence so you can pass your driving test and lead the life you want. I will help you take control.
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